Monday, July 25, 2011

What Can We Learn From The Nascar Nationwide?

**Note: This article is just to discuss the video. I don't own the video and all credit goes to the author. No Copywright Infringement intended. This is just for informational purposes only.

Alright, so I was watching the Nascar Nationwide and I saw the funniest thing ever..Product Placement

It's a killer tool that has now worked in the arms of Nascar immensely after this race..The Best Prayer Ever!

I invite you to watch this video below:

One of the greatest tools a marketer can use is product placement..If you can seed the product into the consumer's mind then you got them. The question is how do you use product placement effectively. Well, you need to be able to find products that the consumer trust's in this case it was Car Brand.

Next, commmunicate a higher perceived value and position your product that shows trust. In the prayer, it was mentioned about it's high performance and most people associate cars with performance and reliability.

Make sure that your message is targeted. If you message is not targeted to the correct audience then you will lose focus. Seeing that it was a Nascar event it would only make sense to talk about cars and performance.

In this we learned:

-Product Placement needs to be a marketers toolbox
-Communicate Higher Value
-Target your message

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Is Marketing The New Old Spice Guy A Challenge

There is been a significant buzz around this new trends with the Old Spice Guy. For those who don't know the Old Spice was a smart marketing campaign created by P&G and was smart one at that. They used Isiah Mustafa who was a former pro footballer and athlete to market their Old Spice Products. This was a successful campaign because they were able to revitalize a product using new technology and intergrating this with social media. He answered questions from Twitter and posted videos on Youtube. Currently, Isiah is off pursuing a movie career and just recently "NewOldSpiceGuyFabio" stepped in to fill the gap.

When this campaign came out there was negative backlash immediately because the "Old Spice Guy" (Isiah Mustafa) had captured the public's heart and (their wallets) with the slick emotional campaigns.

From my perpective as a marketer I look at it this way:

Do you think it was smart for them to use Fabio as the "NewOldSpiceGuy"? Let me know what you think in the comments below! Also who do you think is going to win the competition?

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Don't "Like" You

With the emergence of the new search engines intergrating Twitter and Facebook is going to get a lot more competitive to be "liked". Marketers have to find different ways to stand out from the competition in order to be liked. If you own a blog or are starting a blog here are some things that you need to be aware of.

-Install a Like button on Your Blog or Website
Believe it or not the popular "Like or Recommend" button has become the norm. If you don't have a like button how are people going to interact with you. The search engines are going crazy with the amount of "likes" that people are getting.

Liking shows that there is valuable content
Have you ever been to a website and saw the amount of likes that they got. It completely blows my mind because "liking" has become something of value. What is new to marketers is that liking has been around for years. Due to Facebook, it's become the new IT thing.

Being liked goes beyond an interpersonal relationship

Do you remember the good ol' days when you when to you corner store and everyone love to hear about your day and how everything going. Being liked was something that took months or even years to obtain. You need to go beyond just getting liked and actually listen to the customer.

In today's environment, people has this notion that when you are liked on your webpage that they expect you to like them back. Even so continue to form a relationship with them. Find out more about them and not just continue to sell them every product out of the blue.

Being liked is a hard thing to obtain but when you provide valuable content and go beyond the norm is a great thing. The words " I Don't Like You" mean nothing to the marketer if they can create a relationship to where the customer can trust you and you can truly show that you care about them.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 5 Successful Habits Of A Effective Marketer

Are you striving to become a successful marketer?

I certainly am but I am starting to become attached to it?

I bet that there is a long list of ideas that are just flowing through your head right now?
There are many marketers that have given so many tips and advice on how to become a successful marketer. From established entrapreneurs to successful bloggers.

My delimia is that with so much advice out there I don't have enough notepads to write it all down. The next day the information that I have written down has become irrelivent because someone new has something different to offer. I have read articles and listen to so many webcast that there are a couple of points that are transferable if you are a marketer.

1. Marketers are contineously learning

Believe it or not however marketers are always learning this may be through webcasts, interviews, other blogs. The thing is that the tools that you learn today may become different tomorrow because technology is constantly changing. If you want to be ahead of the competition, you always need to be learning.

2. Marketers watch trends

If we all remember when Myspace came out it was the best thing since slice bread......Today it's now G+ (Google Plus) and Twitter. Marketers look for the trends and see where the market is going. One day your customers may like books and the next thing they love e-books that talk to you. Think of it this way:

Marketers are like the stock market because they always go up and down! So be prepared for unexpected changes.

3. Marketers have a back up plan

Let's say that your idea to promote a product goes horribly wrong. What do you do? You go to plan B and make sure that the research you did follows your plan. Being prepared is one of the best things a marketer has in their tool belt.

4. Marketers are persistent

To become the best requires three things: Time, Money and Effort. Your big dreams won't happen tomorrow or overnight. If you put the effort in and use your time and money effectively you can become a big success as a marketer.

5. Marketers are relationship builders

When your promoting a product, the concept that needs to get across is that you are to build a relationship with the end consumer. Do you have them in mind? Building a sense of trust and credibilty is highly important in todays world. You need to show the customer that you care for them.

What do you think the most important habit is? It could be one of these five or something completely outside the box. Let us know in the comment section!

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Boost Sales With These Online Techniques

In a world where sales is hard to come by because it requires time, money and effort. One must think that it is hard to boost sales when we are in an economic situation when you have limited funds. Many people have come out extremely successful in this recession through online or offline techniques. Are you in the situation where your sales are start to go downhill and you have run out of ideas. Below I have assembled three techniques and ideas to use if you are looking to boost sales.

  • Use Youtube

  • According to Comscore Inc, the average internet user watches 186 videos month. That's a lot of videos. Ask yourself this question: Are you online using video? Believe it or not video has become many stream and many people have become successful with the use of Youtube. They have used video in many different ways to increase their sales. They have shown their product, done press releases using video and also gained buzz around a new product that they are looking to release. These are just some of the methods used in video which have gotten an increase in sales. You can user this method whether you are online or offline.

  • Testimonals

    This is huge because building trust is a hard thing to do. Considering that you have never met the person before. People want to know that a "real person" has used your product and was satisfied and had great things to say about it. Did that product improve their quality of life? If you have a big name client ask them to provide a testimonal for you.

  • Promote Through Social Media

    It's amazing to see how many businesses have used social media and have come out successful. Social Media has become a big traffic provider to get people to your website or business. There are many different ways to promote your product such as:

    -Limited Time Offers
    -50% off sales
    -Buy 1 Get one Free
    -Create a post that outlines your product and provides more information
    -Product Review

    And the list goes on...

    If you have customer bases and they trust you this should be no problem for you to boost your sales immensely. People will respond to urgency. If I know it a product that is available for a limited time and I will never see it again then I am mostly likely to pounce on that product. The best example that I like is KFC in my opinion. When they release the Double Down for limited time and was a great selling product then pulled the product off the shelf people went crazy. They demanded the product back because it filled a need. This is what your product should do and can demonstrated through social media to boost sales.
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    Breakthrough The Mold With Social Media

    Social Media has become the world around us. No matter where you go social media has taken the world by storm. A good example was the recent backlash against Netflix and the raising of their prices. It was a good thing for netflixs and their pricing strategy however it caused a lot of problems with their customers. People took to social media vary quickly to express their feelings with this issue. Marketers need to be aware that social media can widely influence your business immensely. One thing is to include social media in your strategy if you are a business or operate a website. Here are some tips to breakthough the mold with social media:

  • Be engaging with your clients and customers.

  • One mistake that a marketer or a business owner can make is that they are not engaging with the public. Whether your a business or a website, you need to actively talking with your clients/customers because it shows that you have an invested interest in them and what is going on around them. Too many times, businesses will put up a post on their social media and a customer may respond for example and the business doesn't answer the customer. What will the customer think?

  • Add value with social media

  • Contineously provide content. People find value in what you write and will connect with what you have offer. This may be through an exclusive offer, or an opinion piece but it serves a purpose.

  • Use the different tools that are provided via Social Media to gain a competitve advantage

  • We all use Facebook, Twitter, however are you taking advantage of the different tools that are available?

    A good example is Facebook Notes which is a great tool to improve your SEO. This is indexed by Google and you can add your blog RSS if you have one.

    Facebook Discussion
    Take advantage of talking with your customers and finding out how they feel. Talk about current issues or subject matter that is related to your business or website.

    Facebook Twitter
    This one is the creme de la creme because you can show your Twitter posts through Facebook and this has become a great tool for people who are looking for a competitive edge in the marketplace.

    There are so many different tools that it would take several posts to communicate them all to you.

    I hope this helps on your journey to breaking through the mold with social media.

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    Saturday, July 16, 2011

    Welcome to The Marketing Blogger

    I just want to personally welcome you to the Marketing Blogger. This blog is dedicated to everything about marketing from the internet to everything that goes on in our daily lives.

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