Friday, July 22, 2011

Is Marketing The New Old Spice Guy A Challenge

There is been a significant buzz around this new trends with the Old Spice Guy. For those who don't know the Old Spice was a smart marketing campaign created by P&G and was smart one at that. They used Isiah Mustafa who was a former pro footballer and athlete to market their Old Spice Products. This was a successful campaign because they were able to revitalize a product using new technology and intergrating this with social media. He answered questions from Twitter and posted videos on Youtube. Currently, Isiah is off pursuing a movie career and just recently "NewOldSpiceGuyFabio" stepped in to fill the gap.

When this campaign came out there was negative backlash immediately because the "Old Spice Guy" (Isiah Mustafa) had captured the public's heart and (their wallets) with the slick emotional campaigns.

From my perpective as a marketer I look at it this way:

Do you think it was smart for them to use Fabio as the "NewOldSpiceGuy"? Let me know what you think in the comments below! Also who do you think is going to win the competition?

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