Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breakthrough The Mold With Social Media

Social Media has become the world around us. No matter where you go social media has taken the world by storm. A good example was the recent backlash against Netflix and the raising of their prices. It was a good thing for netflixs and their pricing strategy however it caused a lot of problems with their customers. People took to social media vary quickly to express their feelings with this issue. Marketers need to be aware that social media can widely influence your business immensely. One thing is to include social media in your strategy if you are a business or operate a website. Here are some tips to breakthough the mold with social media:

  • Be engaging with your clients and customers.

  • One mistake that a marketer or a business owner can make is that they are not engaging with the public. Whether your a business or a website, you need to actively talking with your clients/customers because it shows that you have an invested interest in them and what is going on around them. Too many times, businesses will put up a post on their social media and a customer may respond for example and the business doesn't answer the customer. What will the customer think?

  • Add value with social media

  • Contineously provide content. People find value in what you write and will connect with what you have offer. This may be through an exclusive offer, or an opinion piece but it serves a purpose.

  • Use the different tools that are provided via Social Media to gain a competitve advantage

  • We all use Facebook, Twitter, however are you taking advantage of the different tools that are available?

    A good example is Facebook Notes which is a great tool to improve your SEO. This is indexed by Google and you can add your blog RSS if you have one.

    Facebook Discussion
    Take advantage of talking with your customers and finding out how they feel. Talk about current issues or subject matter that is related to your business or website.

    Facebook Twitter
    This one is the creme de la creme because you can show your Twitter posts through Facebook and this has become a great tool for people who are looking for a competitive edge in the marketplace.

    There are so many different tools that it would take several posts to communicate them all to you.

    I hope this helps on your journey to breaking through the mold with social media.

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