Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boost Sales With These Online Techniques

In a world where sales is hard to come by because it requires time, money and effort. One must think that it is hard to boost sales when we are in an economic situation when you have limited funds. Many people have come out extremely successful in this recession through online or offline techniques. Are you in the situation where your sales are start to go downhill and you have run out of ideas. Below I have assembled three techniques and ideas to use if you are looking to boost sales.

  • Use Youtube

  • According to Comscore Inc, the average internet user watches 186 videos month. That's a lot of videos. Ask yourself this question: Are you online using video? Believe it or not video has become many stream and many people have become successful with the use of Youtube. They have used video in many different ways to increase their sales. They have shown their product, done press releases using video and also gained buzz around a new product that they are looking to release. These are just some of the methods used in video which have gotten an increase in sales. You can user this method whether you are online or offline.

  • Testimonals

    This is huge because building trust is a hard thing to do. Considering that you have never met the person before. People want to know that a "real person" has used your product and was satisfied and had great things to say about it. Did that product improve their quality of life? If you have a big name client ask them to provide a testimonal for you.

  • Promote Through Social Media

    It's amazing to see how many businesses have used social media and have come out successful. Social Media has become a big traffic provider to get people to your website or business. There are many different ways to promote your product such as:

    -Limited Time Offers
    -50% off sales
    -Buy 1 Get one Free
    -Create a post that outlines your product and provides more information
    -Product Review

    And the list goes on...

    If you have customer bases and they trust you this should be no problem for you to boost your sales immensely. People will respond to urgency. If I know it a product that is available for a limited time and I will never see it again then I am mostly likely to pounce on that product. The best example that I like is KFC in my opinion. When they release the Double Down for limited time and was a great selling product then pulled the product off the shelf people went crazy. They demanded the product back because it filled a need. This is what your product should do and can demonstrated through social media to boost sales.
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