Monday, July 25, 2011

What Can We Learn From The Nascar Nationwide?

**Note: This article is just to discuss the video. I don't own the video and all credit goes to the author. No Copywright Infringement intended. This is just for informational purposes only.

Alright, so I was watching the Nascar Nationwide and I saw the funniest thing ever..Product Placement

It's a killer tool that has now worked in the arms of Nascar immensely after this race..The Best Prayer Ever!

I invite you to watch this video below:

One of the greatest tools a marketer can use is product placement..If you can seed the product into the consumer's mind then you got them. The question is how do you use product placement effectively. Well, you need to be able to find products that the consumer trust's in this case it was Car Brand.

Next, commmunicate a higher perceived value and position your product that shows trust. In the prayer, it was mentioned about it's high performance and most people associate cars with performance and reliability.

Make sure that your message is targeted. If you message is not targeted to the correct audience then you will lose focus. Seeing that it was a Nascar event it would only make sense to talk about cars and performance.

In this we learned:

-Product Placement needs to be a marketers toolbox
-Communicate Higher Value
-Target your message

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