Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 5 Successful Habits Of A Effective Marketer

Are you striving to become a successful marketer?

I certainly am but I am starting to become attached to it?

I bet that there is a long list of ideas that are just flowing through your head right now?
There are many marketers that have given so many tips and advice on how to become a successful marketer. From established entrapreneurs to successful bloggers.

My delimia is that with so much advice out there I don't have enough notepads to write it all down. The next day the information that I have written down has become irrelivent because someone new has something different to offer. I have read articles and listen to so many webcast that there are a couple of points that are transferable if you are a marketer.

1. Marketers are contineously learning

Believe it or not however marketers are always learning this may be through webcasts, interviews, other blogs. The thing is that the tools that you learn today may become different tomorrow because technology is constantly changing. If you want to be ahead of the competition, you always need to be learning.

2. Marketers watch trends

If we all remember when Myspace came out it was the best thing since slice bread......Today it's now G+ (Google Plus) and Twitter. Marketers look for the trends and see where the market is going. One day your customers may like books and the next thing they love e-books that talk to you. Think of it this way:

Marketers are like the stock market because they always go up and down! So be prepared for unexpected changes.

3. Marketers have a back up plan

Let's say that your idea to promote a product goes horribly wrong. What do you do? You go to plan B and make sure that the research you did follows your plan. Being prepared is one of the best things a marketer has in their tool belt.

4. Marketers are persistent

To become the best requires three things: Time, Money and Effort. Your big dreams won't happen tomorrow or overnight. If you put the effort in and use your time and money effectively you can become a big success as a marketer.

5. Marketers are relationship builders

When your promoting a product, the concept that needs to get across is that you are to build a relationship with the end consumer. Do you have them in mind? Building a sense of trust and credibilty is highly important in todays world. You need to show the customer that you care for them.

What do you think the most important habit is? It could be one of these five or something completely outside the box. Let us know in the comment section!

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